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JOSELYN DUMAS is has been touted as the ‘Oprah Winfrey’ of Ghana. That yours sincerely will key to because over the years she has paid her dues and today she sits on top of her game. Having to host Ghana’s current numero uno talk show – One Show is a plus to her achievement as well as adding acting to her career and she has no regret not furthering her Law studies.
The fair complexion fabulous sexy body contours-curve lady isn’t rushing at anything as things seems to be falling in place for her and for a sure, she is still open to more movie scripts as she intends to take 2012 by storm both locally and internationally. Also she told us what it felt like being on location for 8 months on the Adams Apple’s set and joggling to present the One Show at the same time. ‘Rigorous’, you will call it but she calls it ‘fun’.
A passionate selfless person in nature, she recently donated Ghc 1, 000 to the Children’s Block of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra and promises to do even more years ahead. She told us what life is like living away from home in Virginia, USA and what it is like today being in the country of her birth and gaining the accolades that comes with the passion she shelved her Law for. For an actress who was nominated for best lead actress among the likes of Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Kimberly Elise, Yvonne Okoro at the last Ghana Movie Awards, though she didn’t win but she has embraced the nomination with open arms and promises to work harder to win an accolade in 2012.
Joselyn also revealed on what she does to keep in shape to maintain her sexy body shape. So nice, calm and friendly at least for our first meeting after several times of here and there, I finally caught up with her at one of Ghana’s coolest launch bar in Accra to have launch on a less busy day and she told me so much more.
So much on all I needed to know, and get this first here that she opened up on when the comparison comes between her and other television hostess locally and internationally. She was blunt to speak extensively on her love life, child and mother as well as what growing up was for her. Along the chat, I did ask her ‘how she feels when compared to Oprah Winfrey and called ‘Queen of Ghana Talk Shows’? Her response was just so humble and I saw passion and future in her. Before leaving for our respective line of duties after launch, she told me how she was auditioned seven times before getting the role for Shirley’s Frimpong-Manso’s ‘Adams Apple’, she sure did rock my day and I hope she will rock yours after toddling this path with us here. JD as she is fondly called never made my launch with her bored and that’s the first sign of a future star from my own view, simple humility caressed her physiognomy.
Enough of all this talk-talk jooor, let’s take a ride as you get your ear-piece with a soft music blazing, probably the one Joselyn Dumas loves, wanna know? LoL, let’s go jooor.  Enjoy.

How has the journey been so far with JD?
The journey has been very wonderful and I thank God for all He has done for me. His mercies have been tremendous in my entire life and I have no course to be unappreciative to God.

Tell me how growing up and education been for you. You can take me back to those days when you were still aspiring on your future till date. Are you contented in life now?
Growing up for me has been great. I grew up with my lovely mother whom I owe everything to in my life. She has been there through the stormy and gracious times in my life. She has stood by me, nurtured me the right way a child should go. I have a daughter who is also dear to me and I appreciate my private life as well as what I do for a living. I had a lovely childhood. I grew having everything I wanted at the right time thanks to my mother. I am a free spirit person, a positive thinker, an ambitious lady who loves God. I am a likable person. I attended Archbishop Potters Girls in the Eastern Region before travelling to the United States of America where I lived for about 10 years before coming back to Ghana. I aspired to make God proud, make my mother happy and as well be a very comfortable place in my life. I grew up wanting to become a lawyer but here I am doing what I have also loved doing while I was growing up. Though I still think that there is a whole lot to achieve and I am working towards that.

You did something with charter house when you came back to Ghana after your 10 years in the USA, gist me.
When I returned back to Ghana from the USA, my good friend KOD who knew my passion for entertainment invited me to come for an audition for female presenter in one media house, so I decided to give it a shot. I went, auditioned and then I was invited for a second audition and today the rest they say is history. I hosted Rhythms for a year alongside Chris Attoh who later went to Nigeria to do Tinsel so I was left to handle the show. It was fun and I enjoyed it so much.

2011 was very good for you. You were adjudged the queen of talk shows for the year 2011 by fans in a survey done by a radio station, how does it feel to know that your fans got your back?
It is an awesome feeling to know that your fans have got your back on what you doing. It is a blessing to be honest and trust me that it adds a bit of pressure but I feel very blessed knowing that without them I wouldn’t be here.

‘Great with a nice twist’ is how you described the year 2011, why did you use such phrase?
It was a nice twist because everyone knew me as television presenter but in 2011 was a year I crossed over fully into acting and yet I thank God that it turned out very blissful for me.

How do you feel when comparisons arise among you and other female presenters both locally or internationally?
Funny enough I haven’t heard anyone compared me with anybody locally. I believe that every other hostesses in Ghana are equally doing their best on their various platforms and it is all to the glory of Ghana. I have often been called the ‘Oprah Winfrey’ of Ghana and I must say that it is an honor having to be compared to your role model as well as it is a big shoe to walk in. I am still gaining more experience because in this line of work, one needs more experience along the years. I am still learning more things and hopefully I will become very great just as my role model, Oprah Winfrey. She is an amazing hostess and I aspire to be greater than her some day. It actually encourages me to do more to attain greater heights.

How easy has it been combining your two careers - a presenter and an actress- especially during times when the schedules clashes?
It goes down to time management. Actually I must say that it hasn’t being that long I got into the acting scene but with my first major role in the Adams Apple, I appreciate Shirley for the understanding of joggling between my time on set of about 8 months and having to go and present the One Show. It wasn’t easy but it was worthwhile.

You hear people say that you have a splendid body figure, right? How do you maintain such figure even when stress sets in?
The shape was given to me by God. I go to the gym a lot and work out a lot to maintain the way I look. I eat right. But I guess I am naturally endowed by God.

Your favorite food is?
Banku and Okro stew

How long do you intend to go with your acting and presenting?
I intend following my passion as long as I have life and health given to me by God.

You donated a sum of Ghc 1, 000 to the children’s block of the Korle-Bu teaching hospital in Accra, Ghana recently. How rich are you?
I am just okay and I thank God for His blessings towards us. I was motivated by what I saw when I was on a particular radio station’s trip to the Korle-Bu Hospital. I saw some sad moments and I must say that it was not pleasant. I saw some of them have cancer though they have never smoked, I saw all these and I was touched and trust me I felt so much joyful giving my little bit. I will do more as I progress in life.

So apart from presenting or acting, what else do you do?
My team and I have a whole lot lined up for us in 2012. Apart from acting and presenting, I also have a production firm and all I can say for now is that Ghana and the world should keep their fingers crossed on the new trends that we are bringing. I have a foundation which has not yet been officially launched but we are gathering more funds to hit it bigger.

What’s your relationship like with Shirley and what gave that trust to have you on all the ten chapters of Adams Apple?
Shirley’s movie was the first major lead role I have had to play and I did give in my best. You won’t believe me that I had to audition for that role for 7 times, there was one point that Shirley needed to bring in KSM to sit on the panel. Shirley gave me so much believe and trust and in return I appreciated and did my best to uphold that trust. Though I have done some little cameos, supporting actress stuffs in Sparrow Productions, this time was that time I needed to show the kind of stuff I am made off, and I sure gave a shot at it.

Jennifer Adams in Adams Apple, Joselyn Dumas in reality. Any resemblance?
It has in any way affected me. As an actress, you are a professional if you play the role given to you by your director well. I am an actress and it is my duty to make sure that I am able to interpret my role in any script. This is my job and when it comes to my life, I am just as simple as you can see me. Jennifer Adams is that strict lady who wants to know everything and likes to get into everything around. She is one lady who has a high self ego and you can imagine how she falls for a little boy – that is acting but as for my personal life, I am just a God fearing person who believes in her dreams just as I told you earlier on that I am a free thinker.

Will you be able to adapt with other producers having being with her on set for 8months?
Why not? I can work with any Producer as far as the script is good. I am an actress and it is my job to be able to interpret my role. That will stand me out as a professional. I can work with any Producer be it here in Ghana or abroad.

Ghana movie industry is coming up and thanks to people like you who have come into the industry. What will you say is boosting the industry right now?
I think there is a fresh new birth and era. A new crop of Actors, Actresses, Directors, Producers and so more. I think it is a new revolution. Recognition is one of it. Ghanaians are beginning to accept their own.

And tell me how the whole stuff came to you to start hosting the one show
The One Show came to me as my soul desired. Rhythms then were always airing once every Saturday and then when the opportunity for me came to move on, I grabbed it with double hands. I didn’t audition or stress up for the role. The then manager of Viasat 1 invited me for a talk, then he told me the concepts of the One Show and then I think he had watched one episode of Rhythms and then he felt I could fit in to the position. So that is how it came and I thank God I am not disappointing my fans who voted me the Queen of Talk Show in 2011.

First you were the only one on the one show, then a male host joined you, what has it been like co-hosting?
As humans it will be very wrong for one not to aim at growing. One head can do good and then certainly two heads can do better, above all as a team we are striving to make the show the best in Ghana. It has been for the progress of the show.

For a while now, nudity is eating deep into the Ghanaian industry, what do you have to say with this trend fast rising among both the upcoming and professionals?
Well I feel that self dignity matters a lot.

Couple of years from now, where do you see JD in the world?
I see myself making history and changing the world in a positive way. I also hope to continue my Philanthropist work on till eternity.

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