Sunday, 29 January 2012

Asylum Down, a new Ghanaian movie by Sorag Films

Asylum Down, a new Ghanaian movie by Sorag Films presented by HM films is scheduled to premiere on February 10 at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra.
After the premiere which is anticipated to attract a number of movie fans, the movie will continue to show at Silverbird Cinemas through the valentine season.
Asylum Down is described as a movie of a kind. It is full of thrills and suspense as it unveils heinous crimes committed by trusted people in society.
It opens with a search for the murderer of a prominent business tycoon. The tycoon’s son, played by David Forson, has sworn heaven and earth to find his father’s killer.
 A professor in clinical human psychology is dragged into the matter to find the killer since the only witness at the murder scene is a mentally unstable man. Hell breaks loose when the professor discovers the witness has no clue about the killer. He must find the killer at all cost else his family dies! The movie comes with a lot of action packed scene and features stars Nollywood actor Scott Robert, John Dumelo, Kalsume Sinare, Magdalene Mensah, David Hans and a number of others.
The premiere is expected to gather together a number of Ghana’s top movie producers, stars and the cast.
Sorag Film is one the new production houses under HM films which last produced ‘Who Own Da City;’ a movie which received nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards and Ghana Movie Awards.  


Happy New Year because it is still new and if you feel it isn’t, then na you sabi dat one. Beautiful Ghana is just that blog of deep emotions and thus we say it just as it should be. We have been criticized publicly, through the feedbacks we get through emails and wherever we do get them, even through text messages. As we say in Ghana, ye da m’asi (thank you).
Is it too late in coming? That will depend on the year’s calculation from your end. Enough of all this grammars but 2010 was funny.
2011 was even more funny and trust me that I enjoyed every bit including the Christmas day Ghana Movie Awards where we were all instructed to be in black suit if not, no entrance. No be small thing to see yours sincerely in suit, and bow tie. It was a great year to reminisce.
There were loads of events and I must say that I am yet to recover from the here and there, even with the traveling which almost crippled our health but baba God noni so we dey push am far and wide.
2011 was that year almost all the top female celebrities claimed they are still single. Even when we know that some of them are equal to Methuselah. It was a year where Juliet Ibrahim and D’ Cryme attack Journalist, chaiii, we dey suffer for these stars hand ooo. It was a year when Tiffany failed to sing her ‘fake London boy’ to the hackers who hacked her nude photos. She even claimed that the perpetrators were from Nigeria. We reasoned it as flimsy excuse to the fact that she wanted fame through blackmailing herself.
2011 was that year Actress Yvonne Nelson was slapped with a year ban for failing to shoot because of waivers granted to her fellow actress Jackie Appiah. The babe flew to Nigeria to make the river of money keep flowing. Who said she went broke? Go; see her bank account and your perception or thoughts will change. Yes, Ekow Smith and ‘Papa’ Kofi Adjorlolo were also banned (because they felt their mouth were now larger than that of ‘Gold Coast’ so they went for that of the rich Niger Delta’s) but we cannot say if their own account is or was fat as that of those long slim legs babe, we no call any name ooo.
2011 was that year Actor John Dumelo donated to the Wa Based School on his birthday and sets out to build for the School 5 Classrooms estimated to cost $40,000. I will always remember that it was that year he (John) refused traveling with media men to the north yet came back with pictures for the media to publish, se no be Ananse story be dat?
2011 was that year many actors, actresses, musicians and the likes became ‘givers’ to ‘receivers’, as Mimi Divalish launched her Charity Fashion School ‘Divalish Fashions’. She said proceeds will be donated to a charity. But recently we hear that that name isn’t good for her, so she humbly changed it to what her biological parents christened her.
2011 was that year Confidence Haugen represented Ghana at the Big Brother Africa House. Though she didn’t win the prize, she left some famous television ads for posterities.
2011 was that year when organizers improved upon their ways and manners of organizing events. Kudos!  But yet I remember that one event house awarded a winner to a lady who facially shouldn’t have won that prize. We did shout but all the same, who wan catch dem, se no be their money dem take do the event ni? It was a year where different media house ran flaming news that either made or marred individuals and groups at large. It was a year that new innovations crept out and we all embraced them. The old dances varnished and new ones came out, forgotten about Azonto dance which we even did something on.
2011 was that year one of Ghana’s radio personalities, Nathaniel Kwabena Adisi a.k.a. Bola Ray, TV3 leading female anchor, Nana Aba Anamoah and Former IBF Welterweight champion, Joshua Clottey were unveil as the ambassadors of SOS Children’s Villages Ghana.
2011 was that year Actress Ama K Abebrese was able to beat the likes of Nollywood actresses Genevieve Nnaji, Omoni Oboli and others to win ‘Best Actress’ In Africa in the movie Sinking Sands.
2011 was that year of bliss and blisters, so what will 2012 be? We dey here kampe and trust us say we go knack una as the gist, gossip and whatever breaks.


‘How much do you want it… the fame, the money and the ice?’ this is a line in one of the popular songs I love so much sang by a trio from one West African country. Abeg I will borrow this line for a while as I scribble this and as you read along, let’s ruminate on it that: HOW MUCH DO OUR CELEBRITIES OR BUDDING STARS WANT THIS STARDOM? I still don’t know how much they are ready to pay the price through sacrifice. I know that ladies get this message repeatedly: What matters is how ‘hot’ they look. It plays on TV and across the Internet. You hear it in song lyrics and music videos. You see it in movies, electronic games, and clothing stores. It's a powerful message.
Let me be a Pastor for a second, a woman is first and foremost valuable because she is made in God’s image. "Unfading beauty" comes from a "gentle and quiet spirit" (1 Peter 3:4). "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised" (Proverbs 31:30).
 I will not hide my disgust feelings at what has been making news rounds across Ghana in the past few days. I may be criticized over names calling but who cares? If these young ladies are discreet I wouldn’t have the guts to poignantly beset them. I don’t give a hoot as long as I blatantly make my points across, se no be get my hand to punch the system ni? Fimile jooor.
I am going to make this clear and brief here as I will take two ladies whom I know and for the benefit of my gist, I am not attacking anyone but I am simply doing this to bring back sanity into the girlhood in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. Angela Tabiri-an actress and Raquel-a songstress are both ‘celebrities’ if I may call them that for now yet they didn’t live up to the task of what they should be called. For the benefit of what I will gist, I will drop little stories of what went wrong and why my cry is louder than ever; Angela recently had all her nude pictures all scattered on the internet. Me I follow see some and truthfully I felt ashamed for womanhood. ‘These are should be enclosed yet na wetin daughter of man dey show ita gbam gbam (publicly), chaiii!!!’ I murmured inside of me. She went on to claim that they were pictures snapped by her ex boyfriend indoors but now we don see am outdoor na, abi? My beef is that whatever be it, should we condone this as celebrities or budding stars? My question still springs up, how much do you want it?
Another story is that of Raquel, the UK born Ghanaian who recently came down to push her passion of entertaining in Ghana. She was recently seen performing on stage with all her private part showing to the entire world, at least the whole Ghanaian saw it and if you didn’t see it, na you sabi. She also came out to defend herself that ‘who cares’. Saying that alone did piss me as a person off. United Kingdom’s lifestyle is far different from United African’s lifestyle. Oyinbo be Oyinbo, Bibiini be Bibiini, whoever that feels that they can and will use their bodies to get roles, entice crowds and woo for positions then make dem think am well well because we get culture. For Angela, she showed some kind of remorse but who cares? For Raquel, she called off the bluff of those who spanked her but who cares either? For me I only feel that these two ladies are ignoramus to the entire passion we are celebrating. Most of us are concerned about the intrusion of pornography into every facet of society; yet, we should be just as concerned about the portrayal of girls, ladies and women as flirtatious sex objects which fuels the pornography and prostitution industries.
Let me swindle a bit to what happened last year outside Africa, parents around the world were shocked to see a video that went viral on the internet, of girls, some as young as 8, dressed in red and black lingerie performing a racy dance routine to Beyonce's ‘All the Single Ladies’ at a dance contest. Yet even more shocking, was that the parents of the girls involved approved. Oju oti wan ni (Isn’t it a shame)? Recently I saw a T-shirt inscribed with this: ‘hot chicks are boyfriend materials’. Se God no go remain for heaven jeje? Because catastrophic things are happening here in a world of bliss He created
Research links sexualization with three of the most common mental health problems of girls and women: eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression or depressed moods.
Frequent exposure to media images that sexualize girls affects how girls conceptualize femininity and sexuality. Girls who more frequently consume mainstream media tend to accept sexual stereotypes that depict women as sexual objects. They also place appearance and physical attractiveness at the centre of a woman's value.
Angela, Raquel and all ladies in Ghana, Africa and the world must know that the vision of bringing back the vision of womanhood is a glorious vision. In a world that frowns on femininity, that minimizes motherhood, and that belittles the beauty of being a true lady, then the ball is in your court to uphold the purity, contentment enthusiasm and heritage of bliss.
How much do you want it… the fame, the money and the ice?
How much do you want it...? Would you pay the cost to be the boss?
How much do you want it…? Would you pay the price, would you sacrifice?


From the onset, we had followed the entire event of the Miss Goldenwood Pageant & Talent hunt and for a sure we gave thumbs up to the organizers for pouching such an initiative in bringing the best out of the over 100s of young ladies who trooped the audition venues in Accra and Kumasi but amazingly only 15 (Abigail Ahema Agyenal, Abigail Budu, Connie Nartey, Doreen Kumanytum, Elizabeth Amoako Nkrumah, Esmeralda Naana Arthur, Ida Seidu, Jessica Queen Avevor, Juliet Osei, Manuela Scheppelmann, Nana Adwoa Twumwaa Baafi, Perpetual Williams, Rosemary Sosu, Selorm Galley and Sylvia Aboagye Kesewaa.) of them were chosen to be camped in the East Legon base.
What triggered most hearts to enter the competition were these:
Winner (scooped by Selorm Galley)
*A Brand new car
*Lead roles in movies
*A Trip to Nigeria for a Film Festival
*1 Year bragging right
*Modeling jobs
*Managing contracts

1st Runner Up (scooped by Sylvia Kesewaa Aboagye)
*Plasma TV
*Sub-lead roles in movies
*A Trip to Nigeria for a Film Festival
*1 Year bragging right
*Modeling jobs
*Managing contracts

2nd Runner Up (scooped by Esmeralda Arthur)
*Home Theatre
*Sub-lead roles in movies
*A Trip to Nigeria for a Film Festival
*1 Year bragging right
*Modeling jobs
*Managing contracts.

Who wouldn’t want to be part? That’s no news as the finals was held and then only three ladies made it out of the lots, they were Selorm Galley emerging as the winner with Sylvia Kesewaa Aboagye and Esmeralda Arthur emerging as the second runner-up and third runner-up respectively.
Discovering raw talents and nurturing them are the uttermost promise of West Coast Entertainment Limited, the organization that initiated the whole concept.
For an event that saw top celebrities (ranging from Martha Ankomah, Juliet Ibrahim, Emelia Brobbey, Yvonne Nelson, Adjetey Anang, Kofi Adjorlolo, Ekow Freeman, Prince David Osei, James Gardner, Samuel Odoi Mensah, Irene Logan, etc) grace the night, every participant had no choice than to put in their best. And the best three were surly rewarded. We take a brief look into the lives of the emerging trio at the maiden edition of the Miss Goldenwood Pageant & Talent Hunt, enter;
At 23, she has shown what taking challenges can be like as she did well to knock out nine contestants on the final day of the event at the National Theatre. She emerged as the winner of the maiden edition and she is still basking in the glory and accolades. With her strong passion for the media and then shifting base to acting, Selorm understands the weight of bearing the name ‘queen’, thus she isn’t allowing fame get into her head.
She will always remain thankful to her friend who by chance informed her of the whole show and today she is celebrated. For Selorm, winning the crown has psychologically regenerated her trust and faith in God. How she is managing the world at large no, she isn’t panicking as she was formerly a presenter of a game show on TV3 and also did some work with Atlantis FM, so the pressure of fan base will be catered for.
The Volta region beauty loves to make everything around her glow and beaming. Five years from now, Selorm sees herself becoming one of the most sought after actress in Africa.

She emerged as the 1st runner up at the just concluded Miss Goldenwood Pageant & Talent Hunt. Versatility is part of her norm. She got into the competition by chance as she was hinted by her close pal and she never disobeyed her passion to soar higher. Amidst her new fame, she is planning to go back to school and further her education.
Like everyone who didn’t win the crown, she wasn’t happy but she is contented with her current status and has no tantrums. The Eastern region born last child of four kids loves to cook, dance, listen to music and watch lots of movies. Five years from now, Sylvia hopes to make her passion do the speaking. Touching every life with her philanthropy.

She resides in Accra but auditioned in Kumasi and finally she emerged the 2nd Runner up. That sums up the notion on how Esmeralda became one of the most loved faces in the just concluded Miss Goldenwood Pageant & Talent Hunt 2011. Her versatility with multiple talents sums up who really Esmeralda is. From a large family of 30 where she is the 25th child, adapting to the throng isn’t a new thing as she fitted well in the house and the entire competition. The presenter of the Miss Excel Plus Reality Pageantry (a show which she chose presenting to being a contestant, currently being hosting for 2years now) on television wasn’t distracted by her size but rather gave the other 14 girls a run for their money and she did put hers where her mouth was. Her experience in the house was just fun day in, day out. Currently she is having her National Service at the Civil Service Department in Accra.
Her passion for entertainment has grown within the years and she isn’t planning to quit now as she feels she has come to position herself well in her comfort zone.
Five years from now, Esmeralda sees herself becoming one of Africa’s best as impossibility is nothing.

We wishing them a successful and fruitful tenure of their reign.