Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Adjei Nelson is one of the fastest rising rappers in Ghana. He loves to go by the stage name as AJ NELSON. He was currently on the stage of the Ghana Fashion Awards which was held at the MPlaza Hotel.
He has professionally been doing his rap game for 4years now and he thinks he has fully grown and soon his ‘Am Here Now’ 13-track album will be released. He majorly got on the scene with the Lynx All Stars ‘Obama Welcome Song’, which drew a close attention on him.  He is one rapper who will never dwell on sentiments and thus he feels that his Nigerian counterparts understand the rap game more than Ghanaians do. He went on to express that what the Tema boys are doing is simply not something new. When asked on the trend of Azonto dance, he said, ‘I am not a follower. I love to do what will stay for a long time’. His response to those doing that, he was like they needed to change their ways.
AJ Nelson was quick to tell us how he began with the One Mic Entertainment crew headed by Okyeame Kwame; he somewhat sounded furious when he remembered all the promises made to assist him and later all went futile. ‘Okyeame Kwame never kept to his promises and also he never saw the star in me.’ After 8 years, one is quick to believe that there is something wrong which nobody is ready to talk about except AJ Nelson. On the acknowledgment of Sarkodie as the fastest rapper in Ghana, he paid homage but stressed that all those describing themselves as Twi pop acts, are ‘totally confused’.
His controversial style in his music is a way to bring home the message back into what everyone can associate with. He has come to stay and soon Ghana and Africa will be hearing a new joint with him and M.I., whom he describes as his mentor.

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