Thursday, 5 January 2012


Two names that dragged my feet from my home to the Dome of the Accra International Conference Center were T-Pain and M.I., yet I was just much impressed with the beautiful displays from Keche to Kwaw Kese to Buk Bak to V.I.P., and that night was gbam!
I knew that if anyone was going to steal the night, it should be either the guest from Nappy USA or that from Choc Nigeria, but sincerely I have never despised the prowess of Keche, the madness of the Kwaw Kese, the glittering swag of Buk Bak and the glamorous display of Vision In Progress boys who did come clad in their ‘Nima University’ representing outfits. I m a true fan of all these lads and they never disappointed me.
For the benefit of those who weren’t there that 24th night in the Dome (which I feel has be dis virgin by numerous organizers who will not use any other venue than the place I feel if it had mouth, it will cry), lots happened with the MC being the UK based Ghanaian boy, DJ Abrantie who was sharing CDs from zone to zone. Ask me if he did impress me? I can’t tell because I don’t understand gibberish. The DJ for that night almost made me rain Armageddon on him but when tunes started rolling in, I intended to forget his flaws jooor.
The crowd yes did turn out and who wouldn’t want to when all the television promotions ran like never before. I must say here that I wondered how the organizers spilt the people with another event that was going on inside the same venue hosted by another popular radio station in the land. From my stand, dem fit wash put ooo; well without much this or that, get this first hand that the show did go on well.
Keche were the first to perform and trust me that everyone in that crowd knows them with their latest hit that drags your Azonto spirit to react to their beat. The duo never went low in their performance and I must beat my chest to it that Ghanaian acts have grown into a matured stage now.
Next was the man insane, call him whatever with his bag of tricks of entertaining the crowd, that’s your own cup of tea because Kwaw knows his onions. He came in on stage with a bicycle (one wonders what he will bring on stage next time). He really carried the crowd long and they also followed. He has stepped up his game and I saw a new lad inside the old man who was almost flopping years ago immediately after picking numerous awards in Ghana. Kwaw Kese did show me that you sometimes cannot write off some acts because of their absence from their own game. He omens did play an impact in that night.
When the sleek voice of Bright stuns you and Ronny response with his base-like voice and the two connect with one word and that’s kolom! Then you are in for real good dance. Buk Bak have long written their names in the good books of the music industry in Ghana and even with their split as a group before the Lord touched them to come back together, they have been great acts. After couple of years of absence, their comeback has been beautifully coined. One thing people love about these dudes is their sense of hitting the shelves and coming out with unique outfits. Well this night wasn’t a different tune with their swag.
If you have watched V.I.P., acted on stage before then you will never underestimate what the Nima boys are capable of. To me it seems like they have some kind of persons that they try to piss off with their sounds by making a living on their flare. Whatever..! The performed like they were just coming out of the oven and hot were they.
It will be very wrong for anyone on that night to write off the connectivity prowess that was yet to be established because one short black boy hadn’t done his own turn yet. Then came in the Choc Boiz headmaster – M.I. He came in with a slight problem of his voice disappearing into the thin air but, who cares? When he started rhyming, t was only a matter of time to see more of what the incredibly Mr. Incredible was going to punch out. A lady at the right hand side of the audience was dancing as if she had met the lottery king who had promised her whatever, na you sabi that one. Jude Abaga never failed on his duty to dish out the right tunes with or without his voice. At the end of his performance, the entire crowd knew that even if the special guest didn’t turn up, they had gotten over dose of what they bargained for.
I am a critic but am I not here to talk on the fun that happened on the night? Yes, but let me send some clear advice to event organizers; let’s keep the bravery and tempo when events are going on because the sound system almost embarrassed the night. With the Nappy boy bringing his own sound boy, then he prepared for the worst, abi? Nappy T-pain imagined the worst so he brought in his own sound engineers to produce his section.
The boy sang, rapped, danced, beat-boxed as DJ, and pulled every stunt to delight the crowd; and backed by his dancers, he was able to do just that.  He presented some of his hit tunes like ‘Buy You A Drink’, ‘Bartender’, ‘5 O’clock’, ‘All Of The Above’, ‘Get Low’ and several others.
Chaiii!, My people will always be Oliver Twist just as that boy from West Africa is, they asked for more until the Nappy son saw that he would collapse on the stage, if na you nko wetin you go do? But the fun needed to come to an end.
Nappy Pain did not disappoint me either did Choc Mr. Incredible too. But the dudes that stole my heart were the GH reps; they stood the pressure of dwindling and gave their ass out. Probably just as that rapperholic will always say, big things are happening now in GH music.

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