Friday, 30 November 2012

Bee Arthur goes ‘Fierce & Feminine’ at FAFA 2012

Ghanaian-Russian designer and KORA Fashion Award winner Bee Arthur of “B’Exotiq by Bee Arthur” showcased her first ever combination collection dubbed, ” Fierce & Feminine” at this year’s edition of FAFA 2012, Fashion for Peace Gala dinner at the Ngong Racecourse, Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday 17th November 2012. 

The “Fierce & Feminine” collection constituted of 2 contrasting collections: 8 hand-painted short patchwork dresses in earth tones with Snake & Wildlife motifs -”Fierce and Funky”-, and 7 hand-painted White and Ivory tones dress in lace, chiffon, organza and feathers, with the predominant motifs being Floral – “Feminine and Fertile”.

The Fabrics for the ‘Feminine’ collection were sheer and fluid, whiles the ‘Fierce’ dresses were all constructed with opaque cloth. Although the 2 collections seemed not to have a connection, the concept was about portraying the contrasts and multi-facets of a Woman’s nature : her softness and sensuality on one hand and her funkiness and fierceness on the other.

The symbolism represented in the collection are the Snake ( phallic symbol) and the Flower ( the Female reproductive organ) which also allude to Conception and the continuation of Life.

Hence the need for understanding and tolerance for life to continue peacefully.

Although most fabrics used by the designer in her “F&F”collection were not necessarily traditional African fabrics, , Bee Arthur incorporated pieces of Malian Mudcloth as well as Cotton Wax print into her patchworks. In addition, she recycled a cocoa sack and her old bags in the spirit of “going green” and incorporated them into her “Fierce” dresses .

P-Square pick up their 4syte TV Music Video Award

P-Square @ GH one studios in Accra
Nigerian music super group, P-Square have picked up their 4syte TV Music Video Award for ‘Best African Video’ in Accra. The official presentation was made on Gh One Entertainment TV.

The duo of twins won the award, which was held on November 17 with their video, ‘Chop My Money’ featuring Akon.

P-square is currently in Ghana for the ‘Top of The World Celebrations’ to be held on December 1.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ghana Movie Awards Postponed to December 25

Van Vicker, Juliet Ibrahim, John Dumelo, Prince
Ghollywood Production (GP) Limited, organizers of the prestigious Ghana movie awards wishes to announce to the general public that this year’s award ceremony will come off at the Accra International Conference Centre on Christmas Day, December 25.

GP Limited had earlier announced to organize the award ceremony on December 2, ahead of the upcoming General Elections on December 7.

This was after it considered the unforeseen challenges that might affect the ceremony in a likely case of a run-off during the elections.

But upon further deliberations with partners after the award’s launch on Monday November 26, it had shifted the award’s date to the usual date, December 25.

Organizers apologize for the change and any inconveniences caused are deeply regretted.

This year’s event is being organized by Ghollywood Production Limited in collaboration with rLG and TV3, and supported by Vodafone and Travel Express International Hotel.

Juliet Ibrahim Debuts Short Natural Hair…Are You Feeling Her Look?

Juliet Ibrahim @ The Press Conference of the Ghana Movie Awards 2012

Juliet Ibrahim is now #TEAMNATURAL, it appears the Ghanaian actress has ditched the blonde wigs and 30 inch weaves for a more natural look.
The voluptuous actress showed off her new cropped natural hair at the launch for the Ghana Movie Awards in Accra, Ghana a few days back in Accra, Ghana.
She was also showing off a slimmer body…

Psquare reacts to awards schemes in Ghana

Psquare @ a Press Soiree in Accra
Psquare expressed their joy towards the award given to them by 4Syte TV during the recently concluded MTN 4Syte Music Video awards in Ghana.

According to them, they aren’t new to receiving accolades because they are now used to the feat. They jokingly insinuated that of all countries in the world where they have gotten recognized, it is only in their own country that some kind of ojoro shows its ugly head.

Representatives of 4Syte TV were unable to hand over the award to them, perhaps before the dancing duo leave, efforts would be made to hand over the gong to them. They were very grateful to the organizers for the recognition.

However they acknowledged that one of the awards received during their senior high school days still remains very significant to them, and so an award may seem small but still it is those small and simple ones that mean a lot to them.

They are in Ghana for a great performance, come December 1 at the Independence Square, on the bill of Malta Guinness.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winners emerge @ the Ghana Fashion Awards 2012

The Plaice Event Centre, La, Accra, brought the crème-de-la-crème to an atmosphere caressed with glitz and glamour, simple put, the ambiance on the 24th of November, 2012, was fabulous; it was the night were eleven winners went home with their names inscribed on the crystal plated award for hard work, determination and above all, the pat on the back to continue doing what they do best. It was the Ghana Fashion Awards 2012.

It was a night brilliantly organized as audience were thrilled to great performances by AJ Nelson and the veteran Nii Obi Addo who showed his prowess on the live band. The MC for the night was the ravishing Queenie Obeng. There was plenty to eat, drink and souvenirs to take home.

I am of the school of thought which says that once you are a nominee, you are a potential winner, though one person has to take the gong home. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners on the night. Below are the winners in the various categories they won:









EMERGING DESIGNER OF THE YEAR: Ophelia Crossland Designs



With shoulders high, Ghana can now boast of a fashion awards which has successfully ran for two consecutive years without any blip. Once again, congratulations to all the winners and Ayeeeekooo to the organizers.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sarkodie or Okyeame Kwame: Who is the Best Twi Rapper in Ghana?

Okyeame Kwame the Rap Doctor & Sarkodie the Obidiponbidi
Okyeame Kwame
A lot of arguments have sprung up among lovers of good music as to who the best of Twi Rap in Ghana is.

The argument has taken centre stage of most ‘fights’ of students, particularly Tertiary students in Ghana.

Upon hearing barrage views from fans of the two rappers (Okyeame Kwame & Sarkodie) decided to bring the argument online for readers to share their voting thoughts on it.

Again, some further argued that, the phobia both rappers, Okyeame Kwame and Sarkodie have for each other prevent them to feature the other on their various songs as one could flawlessly ‘damage’ the other.

The only time fans heard a collaboration between the two was on KKD’s song which introduced him on stage during the 2011 Ghana Music Awards.

Aside that, there has not been any major song out from the collaboration voices of the two Twi rappers.

The question again goes, “who is the best Twi rapper in Ghana”? Let’s make this interactive…

Our Quest for Real Natural Beauty from our Celebrities

Becca in raw beauty
Imagine a world where there were no thick globs of makeup to obscure your inner radiance. No bleaching cream to strip the color from your beautiful dark skin. No Brazilian or Indian hair to hide away your vibrant curls.

Do you have the courage to embrace your authentic self? Do you have the faith to believe in your God-given beauty? Why would you want to hide the real you – beautiful and imperfect – from the world?

Becca, one of Ghana’s top songstresses, has long believed in the power of the natural beauty of the African woman. She made the choice to go natural – letting her inner light shine through to the surface.

In the photograph, without make-up, notice how her lovely skin and hair draw your gaze.

Without mincing words, we want to dare Ghanaian celebrities and Ghanaian women to try to go at least for a week without make-up.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

DKB kisses Zainab’s leg as a sign of “I’m sorry”

DKB kissing Zainab's leg

What happened between Zainab and DKB at the Big Brother House, might have been eating both of them since it caused them a lot and even a chance to change their lives, but as they say, the word ‘Sorry’ heals lots of wounds.

It was all joy yesterday on Viasat’s ‘The One Show’ with Joselyn Dumas and her co-host PY Addo as DKB and Zainab showed Ghanaians that they were finally together as friends.

Friends for life, DKB & Zaina...watched by PY and JD
DKB who last Friday on his ‘Friday Madness’ on Pravda Radio apologized to Zainab went ahead to do the same and continued it at the 4syte VMA on Saturday and finally ended it on Viasat One. The comedian when asked by the host to publicly apologize to the model went on his knees and begged her after which he raised her leg and kissed it.

For now DKB can walk around with no loads on his head since he was always buying credits to send apology messages to her. Zainab disclosed that, anytime she heard her phone peeped and realised it was a text message; she knew it would be from no other person than DKB.

She got bored at a time that she no longer wanted to even hear DKB’s name. She added that, she heard all the songs DKB composed because of her but she wasn’t ready to forgive him. Thanks now as all seems over and both can continue to live their lives in peace.

DKB swore that he will never slap a lady again.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Today is actress Nadia Buari’s Birthday

Today (November 21) is the birthday of popular actress, Nadia Buari. She was born in Takoradi to Alhaji Sidiku Buari and Hajia Buari.

She attended the University of Ghana, Legon, from where she graduated with a BFA degree.

The first movie in which she appeared was Mummy's Daughter.

Some of her other movies are Beyonce: The President’s Daughter, Chelsea, Beauty and the Beast, My Last Ambition, Beyonce & Rihanna, and Wicked Intentions.

She has twice been nominated for the AMAA award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

We wish her a glorious day today.

D-Black questions the credibility of the 4Syte TV MVAs

D-Black @ Channel O Awards
D-Black made it known to Ghana that 4Syte TV Music Video Awards is a shame to our industry.

D-Black revealed that he didn’t want to be part of the award from the start but members of the 4Syte Awards organization convinced me on their behalf and promised that it will be organized well.

“Someone or some people called 4Syte TV sit in their homes and create an award show. This is not a national award, this is a privatized award show”, he said.

Before continuing D-Black made mention that from henceforth, 4Syte TV should not nominate him or any of his works at their award shows because Ghana deserves a much better award system.

D-Black also said 4Syte TV failed to bring out the time frame under which a music video falls in for nomination. “My video VERA is 2 months old and you nominate it? Really? EL's KAALU is 5 weeks old and you nominate it?”

D-Black asked back to back questions as to where is the transparency in voting also? What is the voting system? What percentage does the public receive via voting and the panel also? Why are all these not drawn out for us to know? Why would you use YFM's short code for your voting text line? Are you serious?

“Look at the Ghana Music Awards. These are all clearly defined. The 4Syte MVA categories don’t even have descriptions”, he said.

D-Black accepted that he won the Best Collaboration Music Video of the Year with Mo’ Cheddah for ‘Falling’ but still stands by his words that Ghana deserves a much better music video award scheme.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bee's WILD FELIDION to rep @ Nigeria Fashion week 2012

Wild Felidion

Bee Arthur the Kora Fashion Awardee and Creative Director of Ghanian based label BEE EXOTIQ will be showcasing her exotiq designs at the Nigeria Fashion week 2012. The model's alias is Wild Felidion...#hmmm

BEE Arthur of B'ExotiQ with friends @ FAFA 2012


@ FAFA 2012, BEE Arthur of B'ExotiQ is captured with friends (from Ugandan & Eritrean designers; they are Gloria and Zek), shopping @ the Junction Mall in the afternoon prior to show.

DKB & Zainab Reunite In Ghana

Zainab, DKB & Keitta in Accra, Ghana
This year’s Big Brother Africa reality show saw many disqualifications than the previous ones has ever witnessed. The assaults in this year`s biggest Africa reality show saw a ‘royal rumble’ between Ghana’s representative, Derrick Kwabena Bonney(DKB) and Sierra Leone’s diva, Zainab.

After their disqualification, the two became ‘enemies’ of which DKB’s efforts to reach Zainab did not materialize. We also learnt that, upon knowing that DKB will be present, Zainab intentionally absented herself from the finals of the show.

The two have reunited after a long stay-away from the other. Zainab arrived at the Kotoka International Airport earlier this week to have some ‘chilling’ times off her busy schedules.

The weekend was a ‘Zainab-DKB’ day in Accra as the ‘stubborn’ housemates were jolly riding in Ghana’s capital.

DKB on his show, ‘Friday Madness’ interviewed the victim of his anger Zainab, as the two shared some happy moments back in the house and indirectly apologized. In an interview DKB mentioned that, they have reunited and are having a good time.

As to whether Zainab will be in his campaign against gender violence, DKB mentioned that, Ghana should expect something grand than what he started. “It will be across the whole of Africa and it will make a lot of sense to people as we were victims of it, making our account short of $200,000”, DKB said.

Until Zainab leaves Ghana, anytime you see DKB in traffic, look at his front seat as you will spot Zainab occupying the seat in comfort.