Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sarkodie or Okyeame Kwame: Who is the Best Twi Rapper in Ghana?

Okyeame Kwame the Rap Doctor & Sarkodie the Obidiponbidi
Okyeame Kwame
A lot of arguments have sprung up among lovers of good music as to who the best of Twi Rap in Ghana is.

The argument has taken centre stage of most ‘fights’ of students, particularly Tertiary students in Ghana.

Upon hearing barrage views from fans of the two rappers (Okyeame Kwame & Sarkodie) decided to bring the argument online for readers to share their voting thoughts on it.

Again, some further argued that, the phobia both rappers, Okyeame Kwame and Sarkodie have for each other prevent them to feature the other on their various songs as one could flawlessly ‘damage’ the other.

The only time fans heard a collaboration between the two was on KKD’s song which introduced him on stage during the 2011 Ghana Music Awards.

Aside that, there has not been any major song out from the collaboration voices of the two Twi rappers.

The question again goes, “who is the best Twi rapper in Ghana”? Let’s make this interactive…