Saturday, 24 November 2012

Our Quest for Real Natural Beauty from our Celebrities

Becca in raw beauty
Imagine a world where there were no thick globs of makeup to obscure your inner radiance. No bleaching cream to strip the color from your beautiful dark skin. No Brazilian or Indian hair to hide away your vibrant curls.

Do you have the courage to embrace your authentic self? Do you have the faith to believe in your God-given beauty? Why would you want to hide the real you – beautiful and imperfect – from the world?

Becca, one of Ghana’s top songstresses, has long believed in the power of the natural beauty of the African woman. She made the choice to go natural – letting her inner light shine through to the surface.

In the photograph, without make-up, notice how her lovely skin and hair draw your gaze.

Without mincing words, we want to dare Ghanaian celebrities and Ghanaian women to try to go at least for a week without make-up.

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