Sunday, 29 January 2012


Happy New Year because it is still new and if you feel it isn’t, then na you sabi dat one. Beautiful Ghana is just that blog of deep emotions and thus we say it just as it should be. We have been criticized publicly, through the feedbacks we get through emails and wherever we do get them, even through text messages. As we say in Ghana, ye da m’asi (thank you).
Is it too late in coming? That will depend on the year’s calculation from your end. Enough of all this grammars but 2010 was funny.
2011 was even more funny and trust me that I enjoyed every bit including the Christmas day Ghana Movie Awards where we were all instructed to be in black suit if not, no entrance. No be small thing to see yours sincerely in suit, and bow tie. It was a great year to reminisce.
There were loads of events and I must say that I am yet to recover from the here and there, even with the traveling which almost crippled our health but baba God noni so we dey push am far and wide.
2011 was that year almost all the top female celebrities claimed they are still single. Even when we know that some of them are equal to Methuselah. It was a year where Juliet Ibrahim and D’ Cryme attack Journalist, chaiii, we dey suffer for these stars hand ooo. It was a year when Tiffany failed to sing her ‘fake London boy’ to the hackers who hacked her nude photos. She even claimed that the perpetrators were from Nigeria. We reasoned it as flimsy excuse to the fact that she wanted fame through blackmailing herself.
2011 was that year Actress Yvonne Nelson was slapped with a year ban for failing to shoot because of waivers granted to her fellow actress Jackie Appiah. The babe flew to Nigeria to make the river of money keep flowing. Who said she went broke? Go; see her bank account and your perception or thoughts will change. Yes, Ekow Smith and ‘Papa’ Kofi Adjorlolo were also banned (because they felt their mouth were now larger than that of ‘Gold Coast’ so they went for that of the rich Niger Delta’s) but we cannot say if their own account is or was fat as that of those long slim legs babe, we no call any name ooo.
2011 was that year Actor John Dumelo donated to the Wa Based School on his birthday and sets out to build for the School 5 Classrooms estimated to cost $40,000. I will always remember that it was that year he (John) refused traveling with media men to the north yet came back with pictures for the media to publish, se no be Ananse story be dat?
2011 was that year many actors, actresses, musicians and the likes became ‘givers’ to ‘receivers’, as Mimi Divalish launched her Charity Fashion School ‘Divalish Fashions’. She said proceeds will be donated to a charity. But recently we hear that that name isn’t good for her, so she humbly changed it to what her biological parents christened her.
2011 was that year Confidence Haugen represented Ghana at the Big Brother Africa House. Though she didn’t win the prize, she left some famous television ads for posterities.
2011 was that year when organizers improved upon their ways and manners of organizing events. Kudos!  But yet I remember that one event house awarded a winner to a lady who facially shouldn’t have won that prize. We did shout but all the same, who wan catch dem, se no be their money dem take do the event ni? It was a year where different media house ran flaming news that either made or marred individuals and groups at large. It was a year that new innovations crept out and we all embraced them. The old dances varnished and new ones came out, forgotten about Azonto dance which we even did something on.
2011 was that year one of Ghana’s radio personalities, Nathaniel Kwabena Adisi a.k.a. Bola Ray, TV3 leading female anchor, Nana Aba Anamoah and Former IBF Welterweight champion, Joshua Clottey were unveil as the ambassadors of SOS Children’s Villages Ghana.
2011 was that year Actress Ama K Abebrese was able to beat the likes of Nollywood actresses Genevieve Nnaji, Omoni Oboli and others to win ‘Best Actress’ In Africa in the movie Sinking Sands.
2011 was that year of bliss and blisters, so what will 2012 be? We dey here kampe and trust us say we go knack una as the gist, gossip and whatever breaks.

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