Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Take a close watch of this before we continue with the thing around the neck of Nigeria. This is not for those who feel that the ‘giant of Africa’ is gone wrong. Remember that amidst all this turmoil, the country is yet strong. And if you want to disagree with me, let he who is without blemish throw the first stone. No be small thing jooor… Imagine from 1978 - N 0.15 till date (as it is written now in 2012 – N 141), the way they have toyed with our blessed resources (whether na ogogoro or water sef), no be small thing until #OCCUPY NIGERIA came, then fear no gree dem before dem draw the price back to how much sef?
Nigeria is an irresistible country that is not a laughing matter. Full of glaring tragedies and yet the wealth of the Senators not to talk of the President and his Vice in 2012’s budget which is about a billion dollar. Such is the contemplation that drives the humor inside of me. We have previously had Generals who ruled us but thank God we are in a democratic dispensation now. They did go, well, they did come back in civilian t-shirts and then trick us as a nation into believing whatever jargon they spat. In Nigeria, greed plays a major role in the herm of affairs but soonest we shall overcome. Where is the unlimited good luck on the corridor of power and abundant patience at the home front promised the great people of Nigeria?
The tantalizing power of the country with which should have been the power house of Africa is now been crumbled by greedy looters. The country is blessed with different characters to make sure that the dramatic comedy is fully screen played to look very beautiful.
With the recent Fuel Subsidy drama but prĂ©cised by the maiming of Christians and Muslims over nothing and then pushing all the blames on the Boko Harams, then you ask yourself that ‘who is the fool, when all of us die’? The satire, irony, parody and paradox will only draw behavioral mockery from smaller countries that cannot even smell the back of the giant of Africa – ridiculous it sounds abi? Nigeria from my perspective is that it is blessed so much with fanatics and bombers who wine and dine in secret then shout haili bababa in public.
Nigeria is a conventional, mainstream subject engagement with its grotesque, comic, ironic and absurd transformation of people and events. Then when things, misfortunes, though happens, it is turned into an exaggerating art and form spiced with appropriate proverbs and interesting turns of phrase channeling it to the will of God – this means that Nigerians worship and call the name of GOD more than any other country in the world, yet the Looters which you may call Leaders are hardened Barawos.
When the brain washed lad who wanted to bomb an airline was captured and then the country’s name was painted black, all hell let loosed but the question remains that what did the government do? Shameless characters opened their mouth and screamed as if heaven was going to fall yet the case has been closed and a new one opened – FUEL SUBSIDY wahala. Government of the people by the people and for the people played with the hearts of the citizens. Tossing the people here and there with the aid of the Labor persons; today government and his people say this, tomorrow the Labor leader and his people say this, and on the other hand, the masses cannot stop at the occupying state of mind. Genuinely, funny moments and comical atmosphere has serrated this whole time when the state has also lost so much billions of Nairas, who cares anywhere?
I must be frank here that the PDP have caused more harm at least with the much my two eyes have seen. Their strategy would have been applauded but for now, I boo them jooor. The current state in Nigeria (as of the time of scribbling these thoughts) is decorated with greed by leaders as they call themselves, cunning hypocrites, sycophants and much more by criminals who have pot bellies. And if you think I just insinuating, take a close look at this:
Basic Salary (BS) – N2,484,245.50
Hardship Allowance @ 50% of Basic Salary – N1,242,122.70
Constituency allowance @ 200% of BS - N4,968,509.00
Furniture Allowance @ 300% of BS – N7,452,736.50
Newspaper allowance @ 50% – N1,242,122.70
Wardrobe allowance @ 25% – N621,061.37
Recess Allowance @ 10% – N248,424.55
Accommodation @ 200% – N4,968,509.00
Utilities @ 30% – N828,081.83
Domestic Staff @ 35% – N863,184.12
Entertainment @ 30% – N828,081.83
Personal Assistance @ 25% – N621,061.37
Vehicle Maintenance Allowance @ 75% – N1,863,184.12
Leave Allowance @ 10% – N248,424.55
One off payments (Severance gratuity) @ 300% – N7,452,736.50
Motor Vehicle Allowance @ 400% of BS – N9,936,982.00 – Every Four Years. Allowance of Nigerian Senator: $1,500,000/year; Senator’s Salary per month – N2, 456,647.70 compared to the Salary of the U.S. President: $250,000/year
GDP of Nigerian Economy: $45 Billion/year compared to the GDP of the U.S. Economy: $13 Trillion/year. While most Civil Servants and other productive professionals cannot boast of N1 million per year, Nigerian Senators are making a total of N29, 479,749.00 Per Year. Absurd? Call it whatever you like, they don’t care and that’s a fact! Who will want to die a poor person, certainly not any of Nigeria’s Senators yet they probably may enjoy the killings going on by the Christians and Muslims, but if you want to counter my statement then ask yourself that ‘who is funding these killings’?
Nigeria is a sweet place to be and I must confess that during my stay there, I have learnt a lot that has spurred my believes. I often visit home and all I say ‘God bless Nigeria’, whether you believe me or not it doesn’t change the fact that Nigeria is a home to both citizens and strangers, you can ask Charles ‘Oppong’ Taylor that’s if you ever have the opportunity to meet him at the Hague. My research courtesy my big uncle from another mother has made me understand that Nigeria is a convenient asylum where the judiciary took bribe and brazenly perverted justice, a land of opportunists, a prison-house where the policemen remained incorrigible crooks, a stinking cathedral where pastors praised dollars and naira, not Jesus Christ, a theatre where the ridiculous dead can or has once held the living to ransom for months and a country of combat mongers, unadorned thieves and over-enthusiastic bombers. Nigeria’s motto is: Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress. Does that motto play any role in the present situation now?
When we all get to heaven, we shall ask different questions and I am of sure hope(s) that all our questions shall see the daylight of answers. But as long as we live here on earth, we must understand that #OCCUPY NIGERIA will someday be understood better than what we now believe. As I have always proclaimed that we shall soon overcome and our posterity shall understand that it was for the essence of the struggle against poverty, oppression, insecurity and bad governance. Every significant, efficient fight is not a tea party.

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