Friday, 6 January 2012

GHANAIAN CELEBRITIES TALES VERSUS MEDIA PALAVA Case study of ‘Wengeze Wengeze’ Eazzy against the online media

In recent times worldwide, I have seen cases where celebrities have punched, slapped and even kicked the butts of media practitioners and no one has ever given a hoot over incidence like those. Recently a wave making fair young man who does Twi Pop slapped a Journalist at the National Theatre and no heaven fell, even if it will fall, who cares?

Haven’t I seen the case of a star fair actress in Ghana threaten to beat the living daylight out of the body of a dark Journalist who is just doing his work.  Haven’t I seen the case where a man of God drove to a radio station with a weapon to kill a Presenter for releasing a story of his mago-mago with a church sister? Is it news when those we see as men of God turn to be gods of men and rather get the full support of their spiritual papas? Who cares?
I have seen and not mere hear say, but it is happening without anyone blinking at the sight of the media man to ask, ‘how e take happen sef’?
But if it is with the celebrities, every Tom, Dick, and Harry will like to put that eye-saw attitude into play.

Recently I read online on the statement issued by one online media stating that Eazzy was leaving her current Record Label. I may be somewhat wondering if the story was true or not but certainly what we know is that if the artist wants to leave then why will it be news? Okay, I see the gist clearer now, she probably wanted a secret exist or maybe the online media let the cat out of the bag as early as proposed. Which is which? This is a new year where everything is possible.

What happens when a ‘celebrity’ attacks or assaults a media practitioner? What happens like that of D’Cryme who backstage attacked Nana Yaw of Who will defend the young boy who probably spoke the truth, even if na lie sef wey the boy talk, se ‘celebrity suppose rain brimstone ni? Who will defend that radio Presenter who almost lost his life when that Pastor stormed the radio station with a weapon, even if the Presenter lie nko, se na Pastor for dey fight him own battle ni? What happened to that Holy book’s passage that said, ‘the battle is the Lord’s’?

No sides taking but when ‘wengeze wengeze’ Eazzy heard or read of her departure from Lynx Entertainment, she broke heaven with her quickly debunking the news and asked for an apology letter to be dropped on her table. In fact the front desk of her house. No be small thing. She called the report as ‘falsehood’, but in every lie there is an iota of truth. She said she remains with the Lynx Entertainment label and also called for a retraction from the publishers of the falsehood.
As part of her right, she thinks that the story may or would destroy her image and then must be retracted. Quoting her she said, ‘I would normally keep quiet about rumors and false news, but this particular story I find infuriating because it not only tells lies, but attempts to destroy my image and that of my management team.’ She went on to say that, ‘This story is completely false, factually inaccurate and unprofessional. I am disappointed that the website can release such a story without any facts. To clear the air, I am still very much on Lynx Entertainment, and contrary to what the article implied, not only does my team remain the same, but an A&R department has been added on, which is making the team even more efficient. Presently I am getting ready to start a lot of projects to continue building myself as an artist, such as my upcoming ‘Go Go Wind Video Tour’ and I am upset that such immature journalism may coincide with my plans.’ Finally, she sounded a word of warning to the online media that, ‘I publicly demand a retraction and an apology from the online media, and I believe they will do so, if they believe themselves to be decent journalists.’

I also believe that decency must be at work in all aspects of our lives and this must not be devoid of the fact that we live in a small world. I also must be decent enough never to play the ‘bad role’ in every image soiling.

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