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New Actress KAFUI K. DANKU Opens Up On Her Rise To Stardom

+On her life, what growing up has been for her ever since rising to stardom in the Ghanaian movie industry
+The picture pose that almost ruined her career 
+The movie ‘A Little Affair’, her role and why she spent over $1,500 on the hair she used in for the movie 
+Her friends who saw her climb the ladder, her future and how she intends to carve a niche in 2012

Every industry across the world does see new faces crop up out of the blues and for many, they come, stay and impact for a very long time. For years now, the Ghanaian movie industry has seen superstars come and touched the lives of the addicts, who will pay, do and die for them. From the tail end of 2011 through the beginning of 2012, the Ghanaian movie industry has seen new faces come in to continue the image branding of the country at large. One of such names is Kafui K. Danku, a young lady who until her major lead role in the widely acclaimed ‘A Little Affair’ has been seen in couple of movies ranging from ‘Heal My Heart’, ‘4play Reloaded’, ‘Shadows in the Dark’, ‘Sin of the Soul’, ‘A Reason to Kill’, Ifeanyi Onyeabor’s Tribe and yet-to-be released ‘Hotel Babylon’.
She is beautiful, smart and her charisma churns the vibe that makes her that happy-go-lucky lady. Recently, our Ghana Correspondent caught up with the Volta Region born lady where she passionately bared her heart out.
She spoke a lot on her entrance into the movie industry, her friends who have got her back thus far. She revealed the whole scenario on the alleged ‘nude’ photo which almost ruined her. She went on to open for the first time the amount she spent on her hair for her major lead role, a whooping over $1, 500.

Your coming into the movie industry has been much welcomed. Tell us about Kafui Danku.
My name is Kafui K. Danku, a graduate from the University of Cape Coast where I studied English and Classics. I come from Ho, Volta region but I reside in Accra. I first came into the movie scene in 2008/2009. Acting has always been and is my passion. That craze to do something, give my best shot is what drives me. I am still growing in the industry and there is still more to be learnt from those who have passed though this path.
I spent most of my early years in Ho. I was born into the family of 4 girls, 2 boys, a happy family I have.

You were born in Ghana, but we heard that you grew up in the UK and South Africa, and it will have come with so many jolly rides?
I didn’t grow up in any of these places. I don’t know where from those stories but I want to clear the air that I grew up in Ghana. Though I have visited those places couples of time, I am a proud Ghanaian and it remains so. Though I grew up in Ghana, my upbringing has ben beautiful. I grew up not lacking anything and thank God that my parents have been there for me. I will say that I am lucky.

You love tattoos so much, what is the muse behind your tattoos?
I have two rose flower tattoos. One on my right shoulder and one on my waist. I like people to read their own meaning into it but certainly I have my own meaning too. Since we are all humans with different scopes to seeing things, I will not want to go further.
Your coming into the Ghanaian movie industry has been timely, will you agree with that?
Certainly yes. I started acting in minor roles since 2008/2009. When I started, things didn’t really move fast as I wanted. I wasn’t very consistent either because I did a lot o travelling out but now I am fully settled into my passion

What brought about the diversion of you getting into the movie world and how long do you intend to stay in this industry?
My passion to touch people back home while watching on their screens have seen me gotten this far. I have this burning desire inside of that I can do. And I intend to act for a very long time both in Ghana and internationally.

Let’s talk about the ‘nude’ picture issue that was making rounds recently. Give us an insight into what really happened.
I decided not to talk about this picture, but now that you have asked me, I will say it here and now, that wasn’t a nude picture, it was a bikini swim suit shot and it was in different poses as directed by the photographer. That particular poses wasn’t even deliberate but it came out beautiful. I still don’t understand why some people will read meaning into it.

How did it get to the public?
At a point, it was my BB profile picture but that isn’t to say I deliberately made it public because I have few friends on there.

‘A Little Affair’ is one movie that was well directed and is making its name in the chats. You played a lead role in that, how do you feel at the outcome?
I feel great. This was my first major role and I feel real excited acting alongside Adjetey Annan and Kalsum Sinare and all others. Some few people have actually called me to say it was a good job I did out there, but I know that the future can only get better for me as a person.

Everyone loves the good things of life, at the Press Launch, you were reportedly said to have bought your hair for a huge sum of money for the movie role you played in ‘A Little Affair’, how true?
The issue with that hair been mention was that I was asked at the Press Launch on what preparation I had made towards my first lead role, then I went on straight to say that I did prepare well and also that I went to get a new hair for myself. Because that role was like a dream come through for me meaning I was happy about it. I made mention of it that, ‘ I went to buy for myself an expensive hair’, not that I can’t use that on a normal day but here was my first lead role, I wanted to look sparkling.

How much did that hair cost?
It cost above $1,500. On a good day I wouldn’t buy that for just fun, but here I had to get it because it was worth it.

Before ‘A Little Affair’, you have featured in some movies like ‘Heal My Heart’, ‘4play Reloaded’, ‘Shadows in the Dark’, ‘Sin of the Soul’, ‘A Reason to Kill’ and yet-to-be released ‘Tribe by Ifeanyi Onyeabor and Hotel Babylon as directed by Kobby Rana’; what has been that adrenaline inside of you that brings out the best?
The zeal to do better and move on to another level. I always remember that I was once a budding actress and to get to that superstar level, it starts from the effort you put in from every role; I cannot but give in my 101% commitment to my passion.

What ran in your mind on the set of your first lead role when the camera lights came on, the director screamed ‘action’?
I was a bit nervous on the first day but subsequently, I overcame my fear and gave my best shot. The director in person of Kobby Rana was just there for me. He is a great guy with his work. The other two veterans in Adjetey and Kalsum were fantastic. They were brilliant in making sure I gave account of why I was the best choice for that role. The thoughts of getting it right, not making mistakes drew a kind of nervousness but it all went down great.

The movie industry in Ghana is rapidly moving forward with so many new faces coming on board, does that pose any treat to you with getting lead roles in mind?
No it doesn’t. The industry is like a sea, very big for all fishes to swim in so I want to believe that you can’t act alone so we can only move in unison. The bigger, the better.

What is Kafui and Fashion like?
 I like something that looks good on me. I love fashion that makes me feel very comfortable.

‘Music is the food of the soul’, how does music appeal to you and your genre?
I love listening to R & B and Hip Pop tunes.

What are some of the challenges you have had to face as an actress?
One of my major challenges has been people trying to keep to.

With the ongoing trend of nudity eating deep into the industry, would you do anything go get a role?
For the fact that I want to act doesn’t mean that I am desperate for roles.

Who are some of your friends in the industry so far?
I have a couple of friends ranging from Samira Yakubu, Roger Quartey, Abdul Salam, Frank Rajah, and Roselyn Ngissah among others.

Five years from now, where do you see Kafui?
My dream is so big. I intend be one of Ghana’s biggest brands.

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  1. Good answers to a good interview, i am an aspiring actor, hope to work with you soon...."single and Married"my first big screen movie, i played "Raymond"