Wednesday, 4 April 2012

BECCA TALKS ON HER SECOND ALBUM FEATURING TUFACE & MI...Opens up on why she feels she stands a better chance of winning the most coveted prize at VGMA 2012

Rebecca Acheampong has grown to become a household name in Ghana. Call her a Super Star and you will not be wrong for the appellation. She is still that young humble lady who understands that what doing good music entails and she has kept that trend and her fans have kept that faith in her songs.
Recently BEAUTIFUL GHANA caught up with her as she explained what has driven her thus far and still going. Enjoy

How do you feel being nominated in the VGMA 2012?
I really appreciate God for the opportunity He has given to me. I knew I was going to be nominated but am really humbled and glad that I am part of the Artiste of the Year.

What are your expectations now you have been chosen?
I just pray for the best. Everyone in that category has worked their sleeves to be there, so the best person takes the prize.

So what have you been doing recently?
I just finished working on my new album titled: NAKED I CAME. A 14 track album. This album is pretty different from my first album. The title of my album is just an inspiration which hits to the fact that as humans we came naked to this world. My philosophy is passing a message that will cut across every spheres of life. Giving back, loving everyone equally and making sure that we live the life of sharing and caring. The album is just a rich concept which I feel has grown to a standard level whereby we have really good collaboration.

What is your relationship in terms of collaboration with Nigeria?
With the collaboration, we have three from Ghana and three from Nigeria. Trigmatic and Samini represented the Ghanaian fans and I needed to do something with Kefee of Branama fame, Tuface Innocent Idibia (on the song: Bad Man, Bad Girl) and then I did something with M.I. (on the song: No Away) I must say that my maturity has grown vast.

Which is you best song in this new album?
I think all my songs are good songs. I will find it so difficult to pick out which one is wonderful because I think I have come of age with my style. It is a great feat playing and recording every song life. I love the originality in the whole stuff.

Why did you choose these two guys from Nigeria?
I did Tuface and M.I., because I just wanted to do something from two different eras which is the part I grew up loving (Tuface) and then the other in an era I am part of (M.I.).

When is your album set to be out?
The album is due to be launched in the month of April. We hope to make it very simple but with the hype already breezing up, we seem to see something great and we thank God.

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