Saturday, 25 August 2012

BACK IN THE DAYS Concert on September 21st

The 90’s witnessed a vibrant renaissance in the Ghanaian music industry with the advent of the Hiplife music genre, and with it came a pulsating youth culture that caught a silent nation by storm.

As with most music genres however, as the years went by, the sound evolved, the music changed and the musicians of the Golden Era either changed with the music or faded away with the years.

More than a decade down the line however, Empire Entertainment ,led by ace entertainment personality, Bola Ray, - himself a major player during the golden era of Hiplife- in collaboration with MediaGH, are bringing back the “good ol days” with the “BACK IN THE DAYS” Concert.

Set for the 21st of September,2012 at the DOME of the Accra International Conference Centre, the “BACK IN THE DAYS” concert is going to be an annual affair which seeks to bring back to life and celebrate the great music of the past decades and the artistes and sound engineers who made it possible.

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