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…AND THE AWARD GOES TO (YemmeY's view on the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards)

Don’t ask me what the Ghanaian movie industry is called. The USA is Hollywood, abi? Nigeria is Nollywood, abi? India is Bollywood, abi? I have lived and worked in Ghana for a while now and yet I am still confused on the name the movie industry is being called. Either Ghollywood or Ghallywood or Goldenwood, the names will change nothing even if it is Ghanawood
When the nominations first came out, I was particularly wondering who will win what and then I had one other eye on the organization. If I am to candidly give any pass mark, I will give the organizers an average pass that’s depending on what your own pass mark will be though. Funny bits ran through that night most especially with the loud notice that all Press men and ladies MUST be in suit and the color was a specific black color, even if you are like me with a phobia for that color. But how we go do am.
I did comply for one reason and don’t ask me because my answer may be ridiculous to you even if it makes sense to me. Almost all the movie players from the gaffer to the producer where all present, surprises went high in the air and belief me that some winners were just well deserved but with some, me I get wahala with dem ooo.
That night after the whole party of glamorous flexing sisters and bright chilling brothers, someone asked me that. ‘YemmeY did Kimberly Elise and Majid Michel deserves the Best Actress and Actor of the Year respectively?’ Whatever the answer I would give to that person will certainly not change the fact that they both have worked hard to win this. E no easy na. My lens did pick out some Nollywood (Segun Arinze, Ramsey Nouah, Desmond Elliot, Olu Jacobs, and Joke Silva) stars and movie makers from all over the globe paid homage to ‘motherland’, Ghana.
When I first did the story on the Azonto dance, many felt I had arrived with my usual tricks of promotion but as a seer, I knew that it will go far and guess what; it was the official dance for the night. That night saw humorous give and take speeches with some emotionally captivated. I am not on this part to criticize any artiste that performed on that night but apart from Mzbel who did what a ‘matured artiste’ should do, the likes of Nana Boro and RnM should get back to their drawing board and take some lessons. In totality, they did well. Let me not dampen your reading spirit with my gist but get elated with the news that Nollywood veteran, Olu Jacobs won a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the growth of Nollywood. He was accompanied by his wife and fellow actress, Joke Silva.
To business proper, you must know that Leila Djansi stole the night with her car boot full to the brim with 9 awards including the Best Actress in a Leading Role (English) for Hollywood sweetheart, Kimberly Elise. Her latest production paid off with ‘Ties That Bind’, getting the bragging rights. Certainly just as our elders do say that a child that knows how to wash his hands well with dine with the elders, na so this babe take Best Editing (English), Best Directing (English), Best Art Direction, Best Sound Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Movie African Collaboration, and Best Picture go house ooo.
On a night that I felt that Mr. Adams will resurrect to help his Apples win more awards, it didn’t go that entire well for them as Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s 10 chapter movie series went home with just 5 awards including Best Story, Best Screenplay, and Best Make-up.
Whatever made the organizers split 14 awards between 2 producers in the land must mean that others be yaawaa! Even if my statement is held against me, then the jury must be ready to answer me certain questions including, ‘where were the rest when these 2 women were burning candles doing their home work to put Ghana movie in the lime light’. Case close jooor!
Before I close this chapter, I must scribble those who smiled home happily deserving the awards and those who were forced to have a take home package to save someone some embarrassment.
The full list of the winners at the 2011 Ghana movie Awards:

Best Actor in a Leading Role (English Language)
Majid Michel            Somewhere In Africa

Best Actress in a Leading Role (English Language)
Kimberly Elise           Ties That Bind
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (English Language)
Majid Michel            Somewhere In Africa
Best Actress in a Supporting Role (English Language)
Nadia Buari               Who Owns the City
Best Actor in a Leading Role (Local Language)
Agya Koo                   Agenkwah
Best Actress in a Leading Role (Local Language)
Vivian Jill                   Yaw Donkor
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Local Language])
Joseph Osei               Osofo Amoako
Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Local Language)
Rose Mensah            Bu Bra Pa
Best Picture
Ties That Bind
Best Directing (English Language)
Leila Djansi & Kevin Huie                 Ties That Bind
Best Directing (Local Language)
Augustine ‘Idikoko’ Abbey                 Agya Koo Gbengbentus
Best Art Direction
Ties That Bind
Best Music (Original Song)
Agya Koo Gbengbentus                     Mframa

Best Movie Africa Collaboration
Ties That Bind
Best Cameo Actor
Kofi Adjorlolo           Somewhere In Africa
Best Cameo Actress
Grace Nortey            Adams Apple
Best Story
Adams Apple
Best Editing
Ties That Bind
Best Cinematography
Ties That Bind
Best Costume & Wardrobe
Samira Yakubu                      Queens Pride
Best Make-Up
Adams Apple
Best Visual Effects
Grave Yard
Best Discovery
Kwaku Manu             So, So & So
Best Music (Original Score)
Adams Apple
Best Sound Editing & Mixing
Ties That Bind
Best Writing Adapted or Original Screenplay
Adams Apple
Best Actor Africa Collaboration
Ramsey Nouah Jnr.               Memories of My Heart
Best Actress Africa Collaboration
Omotola Jalade                     Ties That Bind
Favorite Actress, TV
Auntie B in ‘Efiewura’
Favorite Actor, TV
Funnyface Benson in ‘Chorkor Trotro’
Favorite TV Series
Chorkor Trotro
Favorite Actress, Movie
Martha Ankomah
Favorite Actor, Movie
Prince David Osei
Lifetime Achievement Award
Olu Jacobs

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