Friday, 30 December 2011


Even if you are a new born baby in Ghana today, there is one name that you will not be that hard to pronounce. A name that isn’t just a household one anymore but a worldwide status. Love or hate it, that name is the that of a young man who worked out his sleeves in the hot temperature sun of Tema – a hood blessed with lyricists ranging from the old drained down the young which SARKODIE belongs to. Growing up with age still on his side for now where he is the current best in Ghana, doubt me if you like but I don talk am; this dude is just a churner of lyrics.
When I first got the mail in my inbox that I was going to be at the Press Conference where he was going to tell the world of his intention to murder his fans with his old and new songs, I simply smiled and said, ‘apa yan’ (literary meaning ‘killer’, in the Yoruba dialect of Nigeria); why not if he isn’t ready to send his lovers to another world at the sound of his voice. In case you haven’t heard him sing before, then you may probably not understand me but we need not see what Hitler did before we believe that he terrorized his people.
I got ready for that day and sure it did come and who was on the podium to speak with us, the man who I have wanted to ask where he gets his inspiration to rattle like no man’s business and am sure if you were there on that day you will have asked dandiest questions than mine. You need to see him face to face to understand that when he kicks his butt at the start of a clock, his lips spins as the clock ticks, no be lie jooor. At the press conference that day, I was convinced that come 25th December, ampai a, ebe juwaa (positive result is certain).
Enter the d-day:
The Dome was the venue and the start up time was anything from 9pm Ghana time, so wherever you following this, imagine your own time equivalence, LoL. I got there earlier and not because I wanted to see anything new but because I wanted to understand the true love Ghanaians have for their stars, and they did show it as the lines to get inside was so long that I felt wahala go happen if tickets went out of sales, but this is Africa na. My urge pushed me to meet the organizers to allow me see the list of songs that the bearded boy will be doing and with my mouth left agape, I saw that the list was so loaded that I had pity on the lad who may collapse on stage after the hectic night but for where, not with that boy who can do more that 16 bars without any blip. He is a roaring lion and that’s a gift, if you no agree, then go hug transformer na; here were the songs he performed that night on a day our baby Jesus was born: Onyame Nhyira, Borga, Swagger, Begye Me with Kwabena Kwabena, In Love With You with Efya, U Go Kill Me, Baby with Mugeez, Lay Away with Jayso, Sweetio featuing Raquel, Sherifa with Sherifatu Gunu, Ajiee with Paedae, Mugeez and Nana Boroo.
Kick off time was drawing nigh and time check; it was 10:30pm. The lights finally came down and at the sound of the DJ for the night, DJ Nii Ayi Tagoe, everyone including me had no choice to accept the fact that Babylon was coming down. This was it!
If you think that this was Sarkodie’s first time of putting out his best at the Dome, then have a rethink because he is a familiar face on that stage but the difference for the night was that it was his own show and who no go give him best to prepare him own mama food? But before the man of the night came out, performances needed to be on to set the stage red hot for the Obidiponbidi, so came AJ Nelson, Cartoon, FBS, Eduwoji, Bandana, FOI, Joey B, 2 Toff, Ruff-N-Smooth, Trigmatic, Guru, Kwaw Kese, VIP, Edem, Tinny, Stonebwoy and Gasmilla, all with energetic performances but one moment of silence from SARKODIE broke the crowd’s want with a yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Finally the hour had come and before I could call ‘Jack’, all we saw were motor bikes and I wondered they drove these all the way from their base, Tema? If he stole the show? Wait for me to confront you with the details: he started the night without dancers, without anyone to assist him yet his performance was second to none. His lines were tempting and they all had head and tail all combined. His ability to sweep the audience’s feet off the ground simply interpreted what ‘kinda business he was ready for. At a point in time, not to look as if it was a one man’s show, a band was introduced and come and see something, Sarkodie wan kill the babes ooo, the Ohia Y3 Yaa Band led by Kwame Yeboah gave the furrows a good stuff is made off.
With that kind of energy that took over that boy, he performed for over 2 hours and at a point in time, he was seen as rear to go with more but body no be firewood, he was amazing and I doff my hat for him.
Among the roll call of celebrities that came to the Dome to be initiated by the new Azonto tune, ‘Dangerous’ which featured EL, were Stephen Appiah, Sulley Muntari, John Painstil, Kwaisey P, KKD, Delay and Nana Ama McBrown. Just like in the man – Sarkodie’s words ‘I want people to get what they paid for’, he gave them over what they bargained for.
The night wouldn’t have been possible without the full supports of everyone at Event Factory and Duncwills Entertainment with support from rLG.

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