Thursday, 7 June 2012


Champagne man - Morachi
MORACHI the ‘Hapuya Lyke Dat & Ibu Onyecrooner is out again with a banger and this isn’t just a flavor to be savored by Nigerians alone because Ghanaians have embraced the newest joint CHAMPAGNE SHOWER.
With the massive love Nigerian Acts get via their songs making airwaves on Ghanaian radio stations, the fever has caught up with Morachi whose real name is Rich Marvin jr. Chieme Akuba.
The song is in tune with the uniqueness that sets him as a professional song writer, music director, and a record label executive cum producer and also that thrills his fans in a single pattern with beautiful harmony to nod with.
With his nature for distinct exotic fashion sense, energetic stage performance and seen by his female fans as a sex symbol, Morachi’s Champagne Shower is a perfect tune for any day.
He's currently signed to II-Flame Entertainment.

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