Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sarkodie accused of using Designer’s creations for clothing line without permission

@ObjClothing and Accessories has expressed his dissatisfaction with the commercialization of his creations for rapper Sarkodie, without his consent.

He revealed in an interview that he created the concept of a footwear called Obj Sark 1 for the rapper and presented it to him and his management team a year ago, but only recently found out in the media that the rapper had gone ahead to use the concept for his upcoming clothing line, Sarks Collection.

He explained: “I don’t have a problem if Sarkodie and Sammy Forson decide to make their own label, but to copy my idea – the artwork of Sarkodie’s Head – without my consent means none of these guys respected me, my manager, my work and the copyright laws in Ghana. It was something I created and presented to them, with the sneaker I designed and produced called The ObjSark-1 a year ago (17-1-2012)”

Jeremiah also revealed that after trying several times to get in touch of Sarkodie’s manager, Sammy Forson on the phone, when finally picked up his call he had nothing to tell the peeved Jeremiah. “I sent him a message on BBM and finally he responded. I confronted him about what I saw on the internet and he told me that Sarkodie himself designed that artwork; I was Like Wow! Now he has deleted me from BB”.

According to Jeremiah, the development shows a lack of unity amongst Ghanaian artists and a lack of respect for intellectual property. He said that such behaviors stifle creativity especially amongst young and talented Ghanaians. “How can we build a sustainable society if we keep doing? My manager and I were thinking of a Sneaker/Trainer Company in Ghana using The Obj Sark 1 we made as a starting point.

Hopefully this would have shown the way for many Ghanaians to believe in themselves and create a small industry within the country instead of ordering China made goods.”

He concluded, “Let’s learn to keep our word because little ‘little’ disloyal relationships like these turn out to be bigger ones and at the long run, the whole country suffers. Let’s think and do things sustainably, a way that our society would benefit not one that divides us!”

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