Sunday, 13 January 2013

Who owns 2013: Tiffany or Eazzy?

Tiffany & Eazzy

We shall make this brief and straight to the point, it’s a New Year and certainly old things are past with last year’s buzz of the Brazilian hair, who is leaving who for who, and so on.

Now let’s leave Efya and Becca alone as these two ladies dominated last year with their powerful voices as well as their lifestyle.

So in that vein, the two of Ghana’s finest female emcees that rapidly comes to mind are Tiffany and Eazzy.

Tiffany who popularly goes by Itz Tiffany is a rapper who has made some serious breaking and entering into the Ghanaian music scene with hits like ‘Fake London Boy’, ‘Last One’, ‘Azonto’, among others.

Eazzy baby as fondly called by fans is another female emcee that we hope can rock 2013. Mildred as she presented Africa with remains a force to reckon with or without her ‘Brazilian hair’, as she has gone on low cut now. Her blend of Hip-hop, R&B and Afro Pop, hope to see new dimensions before the end of the year.

So from your view, who do you think between Tiffany and Eazzy, who will rule 2013?

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