Monday, 14 January 2013

Sonnie Badu lashes back at his ‘haters’

Sonnie Badu
Thanks to the social media and the freedom of speech age, but with a lot of floating comments mainly on Facebook and Twitter, some genuine and others not, one must try as much as possible to put a check on what he or she says.

The gospel sensation Sonnie Badu seems to have been irritated by the critics who wouldn’t let him rest.

What could possibly have been said to tip off the ‘Covenant Keeping God’ hit maker?

The gospel singer tweeted a simple message advising his ‘haters’ to fall back and that only ‘baba’ God can judge him!!.

Please if u don't have anything wise or constructive to say, don't tweet me or FB me.. God is the judge not u!

Sometimes it is very distasteful to read what both fans and sympathizers utter on social media platforms, but then and again if you are in the public eye you should be expectant of such comments.

We are sure Sonnie is the not the first and certainly won’t be the last ‘celebrity’ to be pissed at what is said about them.

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